Sulak Campground

August 26, First Day

Sulak looked really cool on the Google listing, but in my opinion the campsites left a lot to be desired. They are situated right on a main dirt road, a short walk away from a walking path that leads to the river, coined the ‘Fisherman’s Trail’. The trail route along the steep hillsides that hugged the river were by far my (and Moose’s) favorite part. Aside from the foot trail, I believe this may be a great and popular stop for campers with ATVs and dirt bikes, with its location right on the road that I’m sure leads to other two tracks. It also has a large parking lot and boat launch a little ways down the road that becomes paved. There is a 14 day stay limit! So if Sulak checks your boxes, you can make yourself comfortable for a while.

I decided to leave after following the walking trail for a bit and head for Gleason’s landing, another new spot on my radar.

Gleason’s Landing

Late Afternoon of 8/26 – Morning of 8/29

There looked to be three or four first-come first-serve you walk in to in the middle of this small campground. The prime location sites lining the river are reserve only. I got incredibly lucky talking with a group of women who had reserved two spots but would only be needing one since some of their friend group had dropped out. I set up camp, not believing my luck, and started hauling in gear from the parking lot a short distance away.

There is a launch connected to the parking lot where fishing and tubing companies launch and pick up patrons. There were several large blue busses waiting there. I didn’t catch the company name but the largest bus was named “Papa Smurf”.

It was a bit funny lounging as the tubing and kayaking groups would float by in intervals. Blasting music, smiling, and waving at me and moose. They’d yell, ‘What a well behaved pup!’ as moose slept at my feet (if only they knew!). There is a little beach area they’d stop at until the next group came through. This only lasted 20-30 minutes, and then only the occasional fly fisherman was seen.

I also fished a little and got some nibbles, but I never catch anything. The ladies next door were nice and stopped by for brief conversation and to borrow a lighter before inviting me to visit that night if I wanted.

The moon was almost full, and bats darted across the river. The swooped back and forth and at times I heard their echolocation squeaks as they caught bugs. I lit a fire before stopping by to visit the neighbors. The night was long and I don’t remember if I ever got that lighter back…

Travel Map


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