Site #6: Seaton Creek Campground

Evening of 7/2, First Day

Drove 2 hours north towards Mesick to visit Seaton for the Fourth of July weekend, 2023. This trip was a little different, as I was accompanied by  human friends. I was worried we wouldn’t find a site at the first-come-first-serve campground over the holiday weekend, but as we pulled in, there were plenty to choose from. We picked site #6, tucked away on the left of the loop and surrounded by tall, old pines and younger maples.

We set up camp, pulled out our hammocks & chairs, and started a relaxing weekend. Walking down the trail a little later, we searched for a spot on the beach. Many people take their boats and pontoons out on the river and find these sandy spots. We were able to find a secluded place  down a steep hill that had sand and a stump to hold our beer. Later as we walked back, the main beach area was open. The water was warm and clear, and dragonflies buzzed overhead as we searched for rocks (with just a couple leaches seen squirming about).

One of the coolest moments was swimming in the deeper water. Many trees fall into the river, sink, and are covered in green algae like undersea relics. Swimming over top of them looking down was surreal. The trees were surrounded by seaweed and it looked like an underwater, alien forest.

Site #6: Seaton Creek Campground

Morning of 7/3 – Morning of 7/4

That night I fell asleep looking up at the stars poking through the trees. By morning it was sunny and cool. I woke to the sunlight piercing through my tent. We had coffee by the riverbank and watched bugs fly past. The sun peaked over the trees and warmed everything it touched. We saw a HUGE black/white/brown bird soar past, but Nickole’s bird book offered no definite answers. Possibly an Osprey?

That day was much of the same. Taking it easy, reading, wading in the shallow waters of Manistee river, and taking naps. I found a petoskey on the river bank, which now sits on my desk at home.

Site #6: Seaton Creek Campground

Morning of 7/4 – Morning of 7/5

The last day, our friend Kaila drove out to meet us! She joined us at the river, perched on the sandy bank while we waded. We read Tarot cards late into the night.

There was some commotion outside the tent the night before, and it sounded like a larger animal. I threw rocks and pinecones at it, only to find what looks like bear scat in the morning!
Before we packed up, we toasted poptarts on the fire and took one more trip down to the river.

Until next time, Seaton!

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