Sara’s Falls: The Hidden Michigan Waterfall

Afternoon of 9/4 2022

There’s an “unnamed” waterfall hidden in the Manistee National Forest in Michigan’s lower peninsula. The UP boasts plenty of splendid waterfalls, so I was curious if one could be found in the lower peninsula. After a quick Google Search, I found a single one: Sara’s Falls. The name is up for debate, with some stating it doesn’t have an official name. But someone on Google marked the landmark as Sara’s Falls, and even kindly added the Sara’s Falls Parking Lot. The waterfall is close to Seaton Creek Campground, making it a great addition to a weekend camping trip.

Finding the falls, and driving in, are a bit of a challenge if you’re not used to two-tracking. From the Hodenpyl Dam/Manistee River Trail point you make your way down No 1 Rd. It’s a bumpy, narrow drive, especially for my van, Bertha, but very much worth it. When you come to a bit of a fork, turn on Blueberry Lane, which leads to the small Sara’s Falls Parking Lot.

There is a trail sign with WATERFALL posted at the start of a trail. Pass a locked gate to keep vehicles from entering. Follow the trail for about 5-10 minutes and you’ve made it! There’s a wooden bridge that takes you over the falls and you could continue the hike around the steep cliffside on the Manistee River. Or take a dip and a quick drink like Moose.

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  1. Sasha King

    small point of detail. there is one other true waterfall in the Lower Peninsula, located in Presque Isle County, between Onaway and Rogers City. it is Ocqueoc Falls, and by appearances is larger than Sara’s Falls. there are numerous campgrounds nearby, and you can even swim at the falls. Cheers.

    • kbdogear

      Good to know!! Added to the visit list.

  2. N/A

    As mentioned, the Onaway area one has been cited as the original only waterfall in the Lower Peninsula. There are other tiny falls down here and man made falls (Stepping Stone).


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